This is a list of most of the gear I use in my studio personally. I never suggest anything I have not tried myself or someone I trust tells me it’s good!


This is a list of the gear I use for my mobile IRL (In Real Life) streams. You will also need UNLIMITED data. You can get that below as well.

vMix software

This is my favorite streaming software! It is PC only (for now) and has been the most reliable I have used!

obs software

This is the best FREE software and it works on both Mac and PC.

Multicasting software

Restream is an amazing tool that will allow you to stream to as many sources/platforms as you want. I have been using Restream for a LONG time, and use it almost every day for my clients and personal streams.

royalty free music

Good music for your content is important. It’s also good to use it legally.

website hosting

I have used SiteGround for many years now to host my WordPress websites. They have amazing support and service!

website platform

I have been using WordPress on my websites for more than 20 years. It gives you total freedom to create the site you want!

Membership plugin

I just started using PMP for my membership as they have a lot of cool features I couldn’t find with other plugins at the same price!

editor plugin

This plugin will help you design your website with a very cool drag and drop editor. It’s very user friendly and has a ton of great templates to start!

parsec app

I have used MANY remote desktop apps and none of them have the LOW latency and reliability as Parsec. KMR introduced me to it and now I am hooked and using it for all my clients and personal productions.