Hey [pmpro_member field=”first_name”]! Just made you a quick update this weekend! I will be making them more consistently once the website is fully functional. At this point, I THINK it’s all design stuff, but I am clicking away to find out. If you experience any bugs be sure to click on that help icon on the bottom right! Ok, here’s your MEMBER UPDATE!

[presto_player id=4126]

Just FYI…this video player is made so that you can scroll while you watch. The video will place itself in the bottom left corner! Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “WEEKLY VIP UPDATE 3-13-22

  1. Jason Perry says:

    Just Chiming in here so you know I watched the update. This is looking great. You almost got the bull by the horns. Keep up the good work. You are blazing a trail for many of us late comers.

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